I want to draw closer Lord

But what do I do?

I want to hear more

Do more for you

I want to draw closer

To do the right stuff

Whatever I do,

It’s never enough.

Pray more? Serve more?

Commit more time

Stop more, rest more?

Read more? FINE!

I already feel frazzled,

So how can I add

More to my schedule? –

That makes me feel bad.

What am I saying?

That I don’t have time

For the most important

Person in my life

But where is the peace,

The power, the glory

What about all

The rest of the story

Take my yoke

My burden is light

Come ye heavy laden,

Rest through the night

Cast all your burdens

God’s strong and I’m weak

How to balance

These truths, I seek

Seek… First his kingdom

And his righteousness

Give him time and

He’ll surely bless

There you have it Lord

My heart and my mind

Help me to know your will

For my life.