It’s been a very dry start to the year, with a record breaking spell without rain. Water or the lack thereof has been part of most conversations I’ve been having recently, along with weather forecasts of course.

But as brown as it has gotten, and it is pretty bad, we will get rain eventually and shortly after we do, we will be complaining about mud on our shoes, weeds growing too fast and having to mow the lawns again.

That aside, this period of drought has got me thinking about the places around the world where water isn’t as accessible as it is to us.

I think we take the amount of water we have and the fact that it is mostly uncontaminated, for granted here in New Zealand but there are many places where that’s just not the case.

And though this drought isn’t that fun, if we think about it, it can prompt us to be thankful for what we have and mindful of those who are less fortunate.

So in your prayers this week consider praying this prayer.

‘God we know there are people much less fortunate to us, through natural process, or through people with the skill and resources, help those in need to have an abundance of clean water.

Thank you also for rain, we are looking forward to it coming soon! Amen


Rev Michael Frost