Minster’s Message 8th April 2018

I gave up youtube for Lent.

You might be thinking that youtube isn’t much of a sacrifice, but I’m a sucker for top 10 videos, funny clips from various talk shows, and Ben and I often watch hobby videos together.  Also I love to put my feet up on the sofa in the evenings and watch clip, after clip, after clip, of QI with Stephen Fry.

Now, half way through the 40 days, I had an interesting realisation. In the last two years I’ve taken a lot less photos of my kids doing stuff! I realised this as I was searching on my phone for things to do and I looked into my photo gallery. It actually shocked me at how much youtube and the other apps on my ‘smart phone’ phone had taken over my life.

It came as a bit of a surprise that this is what God would show me this Lent fast, but I’m thankful God did, because it caused me to be more present with my family and consequently take more photos.

This Sunday you’ll have a chance to share a Lent reflection during our service if you feel you can. So consider what it is that God might have revealed to you, and share it with your brothers and sisters.


In Christ

Rev Michael Frost