Minister’s Message February 10th 2019

Having three weeks off has meant that Nathalie, Ben, Chloe, Ruby and I were able to make some magnificent memories. It was a privilege to be on leave and enjoy our beautiful country. We went camping and explored parts of the Coromandel we hadn’t before, we relaxed at home making day trips to various places, and visited the local school pool almost every day. We also  traveled up to Whangarei visiting many beaches and we observed the wonderful sea life in that area.

It was a wonderful time of relaxation and reflection and I feel refreshed for the year ahead. Despite all the fun distractions my mind would drift back to the people of East and Hunua.

Some haven’t had the most pleasant start to the year with, illness, loss of family and instances which have challenged personal safety. It reminded me that there is a time to be whole-heartedly joyful and share that joy with others but also that there is a time to be sensitive to the pain that others face, and with listening ears and an open heart share the burdens that others carry.

With that in mind however this year started share with one of your brothers and sisters in Christ your joy or pain, so that they can be joyful with you or help carry your burden.

In Christ.

Rev Michael Frost