Minister’s Message 9th September 2018

I, like many others, had a wonderful time last Saturday at our Church Family Fun Night. The pizza’s, chips and ice cream were yum, the quiz and games were good fun, and as a group obelievers it was wonderful to come together in fellowship. Similarly we come together with our working bee’s and Church Fair, not so much in fellowship but working together for the maintenance and benefit of our church, which also is wonderful.

While reflecting on these things it got me thinking about this question, ‘As servants of Christ, what do we do together to serve?’

 Now I know that we all serve God in various ways during our regular week, but with that thought in mind I wondered if there was something which we could do as a gathered body of believers. It was from there and my prayer walks, that the idea of gathering a group together and serving  our community by simply picking up rubbish around our streets was birthed. And so on the morning of the 3rd of November if you would like to be part of a gathered act of service to our community, please let me know.

 If you can’t, please pray for our community, that through acts of service like that above and others, we will be God at work in our community, sharing the Gospel in words and through deeds.

In Christ

Rev Michael Frost