Minister’s Message 7th July 2019

Fear and control 

I was driving down a road this week and noticed a cluster of houses with an electric gate at the front, what some would call a gated community. It fascinated me because it seem entirely unnecessary. It wasn’t in an area which people consider “bad”, and it seemed to me that if someone really wanted to get into that area, they’d only have to jump the neighbour’s fence. 
As I drove, I pondered why you would want to live in a gated community and all I could think of was fear, and the need for control. Now the gated  community people are an easy target to talk about, but we also live with fear, and also attempt to control the world around us. But God calls us to a different way. Not that we should thoughtlessly put  ourselves in harm’s way or live by the roll of a dice, but that with God we need not fear. When we allow him to be our guide,  a security comes from that which out-ways any gate or fence. 
Is fear and the need for control getting the best of you at the moment? Allow God to minster to you and know his peace. 
In Christ 
Rev. Michael Frost