Minister’s Message 6th May 2018

The other night while in the lounge, Ruby brought me a children’s Bible and asked me to read it to her. This particular Bible is, a reasonably simplistic take on scripture, and combines simple drawings to engage and communicate the essence of the stories. I guess because this particular Bible generally lives on the book shelf next to other children’s books I hadn’t thought too much of it. It’s cute and the pictures are fun but it’s not something I ever thought God would speak to me through.

 This wasn’t the first time I’d read it, but as I read it to Ruby, I found myself to be captured by a specific part of a story which I have noted and will look into at some stage soon. Through something which I might otherwise have considered childish, God revealed something to me.


Now I’m not saying run out and buy a children’s Bible, but rather consider the ways with which you expect God to show you something.

If your eyes and ears are open you might be just as surprised as I was.


In Christ

Rev Michael Frost