Minister’s Message

Christmas is often thought of as a family time. The one time of the year that families come together to eat, drink and be merry.

It is very good to celebrate and come together as families. But as Christmas approaches this year, there has been a significant change in my family. This Christmas there will be a chair which is empty and a sadness felt by my mother in law and the wider family on Nathalie’s side.

I don’t mean to put a dark cloud over the season but there are many who will be experiencing a similar feeling. Joy of presents, sadness at loss, closeness of being with family, loneliness of not having family. Christmas can be bitter sweet.

If you struggle at Christmas know that you aren’t alone… and capitalise on that fact. You are part of a family of believers, probably just as dysfunctional as a blood relatives, never the less we are a family.

Share your struggles, live into each other’s joy and know that you are a child of God

In Christ

Rev Michael Frost