Minister’s Message


We haven’t had the greatest couple of weeks, with our car being stolen, and Chloe being ill, but things are returning to normal and we are getting back into our rhythm.

So when Nathalie was out at the pottery group she goes to, in celebration of the return to normality, I made ice creams for Ben, Chloe, Ruby and myself and we sat outside in the warm evening air eating them.

As we ate them, I couldn’t help but enjoy just sitting there with my children, enjoying what they were enjoying. Now because we are working to instil thankfulness into our children, about half way through eating, I realised that none of them had said thank you!

In that moment I didn’t bother reminding them as it was just nice to enjoy our time together, but I couldn’t help but think how much sweeter the moment would have been with their thanks!

It also occurred to me how it must be for our Father in heaven! I’m sure that he just loves being with us in Spirit enjoying what we are enjoying, enjoying what he has prepared for us, how much sweeter though would it be for God if we remember to thank him in the good times!

God loves to see us smile and be filled with joy.

Thank God as you do!

In Christ

Rev Michael Frost