Minister’s Message 4th February 2018

I don’t know if it’s just me, but now that it’s February, it feels like the year has finally started.

Oddly when I conceived that thought in my mind I straight away thought, that means there are only 11 months till Christmas! Can you tell I spent some time in January forward planning? Though we don’t need to think about Christmas for a few more months, we do need to think about Easter because it is just around the corner.

It’s common of course to think about Easter as a holiday and plan a trip away for the days we are off work. And though you may still do that, I want to challenge you to do something in the lead up to Easter. Observe Lent.

Traditionally Lent is a fast that runs for 40 days up until Easter Sunday. The Sundays in between are not included in the 40 as they, like Easter Sunday, are a celebration of Christ’s resurrection and therefore they are not days to fast.

Last year I participated in Lent but rather than fasting from food, I questioned what something would be which would be a challenge to me and cause me to really reflect, and direct my thoughts towards God. I concluded that my internet connectivity on my cell phone could be that. So for 40 days of Lent I switched the internet off my phone, and boy was it hard! Over the course of the 40 days I realised how dependent, and more importantly how distracted I had become being connected all the time.

It was challenging and yet so very rewarding. I was more reflective, less distracted, and I found myself more attentive to those around me. Most importantly Easter became my focal point for the beginning of the year. I had something constantly reminding me that I was on a journey to Easter.

It is an experience I will repeat this year and I challenge you to do the same. Lent starts on the 14th of February and I haven’t yet decided what I will fast from but there is still time. What will you fast from?

In Christ

Rev. Michael Frost