Minister’s Message 4th August 2019

As many are aware Bill Dunbar’s funeral service was this Thursday gone. It was a wonderful celebration of his life, and a joy to be able to hold it at the Baptist Church where his wife Ruth had worshiped, and where Bill had gone every second week. 

Knowing that many weren’t able to be at Bill’s funeral, below is a memory I shared as part of my tribute.

‘About two years ago while Managers were looking to replace the hall chairs we had one possibility on loan to test (some may remember this). On testing the set, Bill mentioned he
needed something for his feet to rest on, so quick as a flash, his good friend Sam Carrol got on hands and knees and said something like “There you go your royal highness”. 
Bill played along, putting his feet on Sam’s back, causing a number of us to laugh. 
He was a good man and will be missed.
See you again soon brother.
Rev Michael Frost