Minister’s Message

December has started, summer is officially here, and Christmas is just 3 weeks away!
That may freak some people out but after this week I feel excited to see Christmas 

I was privileged this past week to attend the Key Leaders retreat hosted by PYM (Presbyterian Youth Ministries) for key youth leaders down in Queenstown. It was a time to take a breather from everyday routines, and be encouraged and acknowledged by those in the regional and national positions within PYM, for the work we do, and the time we spend with the young people of today. I was truly blessed by what was shared and given over the 3 days and reminded of how incredible God is.

Sitting in a kayak at 6.30am on Lake Wakatipu, with the rest of the town asleep, brought this huge sense of awe to my heart. An awe that this Christmas we get to celebrate with the knowledge of the birth of our Saviour, and that the one all-loving God who created the mountains and the lakes, created each one of us too.

Now that we find ourselves in the advent of Christmas, let’s decorate and celebrate that incredible gift that God has given us. During this week create a decoration or write your name on a Christmas bauble and come place it on the tree at the front of the church. Let’s decorate the tree to show to everyone who comes that we are so thankful for the ultimate gift that was born on that special Christmas day.

Praise him always,