Minister’s Message 30th Sept 2018

Though I’m writing this before the church fair I’m sure that a significant amount of money has come in and as I mentioned previously, this year, the funds we raise are going towards the renovation of our building.

Money aside, the true blessing of our fair is that through working together we get to know each other better and deeper bonds of relationship are formed. When we know each other better it is easier to share the highs and low of life together, support and encourage each other and when praying for each other our prayers come with insight and depth which otherwise wouldn’t have been there.

So thank you to all who made our fair possible for those who put months of work into planning Chris and Judith Parry, Anne and Richard Archer, Jim and Willy Fraser and all of you who donated various things to sell and those who gave their time on the day to work a stall.

I pray that you have been blessed through getting to know a fellow believer all the more and that in the future they can be someone you share you faith journey with.


In Christ

Rev Michael Frost