Minister’s Message 30th June 2019

The previous house that we once rented, had a flower growing business in the paddock behind it. Every year in spring, up would pop hundreds of beautiful left over daffodils in all their glory! It was really quite an awesome sight not to mention a happy reminder that summer wasn’t too far off!

The new place we are in doesn’t have that, but this week I was reminded of those daffodils when I glanced at a photo of one of my children holding a big bunch picked from that paddock. The reason I mention this, is because I find winter somewhat gloomy, but when I saw those daffodils I was reminded that winter is just a season.

This got me thinking about the gloomy times that we all experience. Perhaps through the loss of freedoms, rhythms which become monotonous, or some sense of inadequacy. remembered that they too can be just for a season. The Bible tells us just that. 

Also, if we remember all that God has done for us, we can move to a place of praise.


In Christ

Rev Michael Frost