Minister’s Message

Minister’s Message:

What a beautiful week it has been!

On Monday morning while eating my morning tea, I sat in the warmth of the sun. As I sat, I listened to the birds, watched cars drive by, and ate delicious strawberries which my thoughtful wife had bought.

As the week has moved on, I mentally returned to my ‘strawberry Monday morning tea’ and in doing so I realised how much those simple things brought me joy and thankfulness. What I mean to say, is that sometimes we chase after what we think will bring us joy. Yet simple things like sitting, watching, listening, eating or using our other senses, can instil in us joy and thankfulness.

It’s a time of year when there seems to be many more things to do, than other months of the year. And yet, the weather is nicer, birds are move active, the grass is greener and flowers brighter. Not to mention strawberries and other wonderful fruits coming into season.

So make sure you take some time to enjoy it, God created this world for his pleasure and for ours. Thank God for the simple things and his beautiful creation.

In Christ

Rev Michael Frost