Minister’s Message 2nd Sept 2018


As we all know there are 365 days in a year, except for leap years, and most of those days have past. This of course means that there are only 114 days till……… yes I’m going to say it, 114 days till Christmas!

I was recently listening to a theologian who was teaching on the importance of Christmas for Christians. I certainly can’t do his lecture justice in these few paragraphs, but what he was saying is that Christmas is easy to celebrate. A donkey, a star, wise men, shepherds, barn animals, Mary, Joseph and of course baby Jesus. It’s easy to sentimentalise these things and celebrate all the cuteness.

But what is Christmas without Easter the lecturer said?

Easter isn’t as easy as Christmas to celebrate. So try to remember in the lead up to Christmas, that it has the meaning it has, because unlike any other child born at the same time as Jesus, Jesus was born to be our saviour. 


In Christ

Rev Michael Frost