Minister’s Message 29th July 2018

On Thursday night we had the privilege of listening to Rev Jo Mckinnell sharing on pastoral care.

Jo emphasised that everyone has a story to tell and that when we hear a person’s story it changes the way we see them. “Once you know someone’s story it’s much harder to judge them” she said.  It’s easy to judge, it takes time and energy to get to know someone.

When a person is in crisis they are at capacity, and in wanting to help we often say “let me know if you need anything.” In such situations Jo shared that when a person is at capacity it is difficult for them to even think about what they might need help with and so she encouraged that doing something practical can make the world of difference.

Also poignantly Jo suggested that if we are worried about someone we don’t know, that by doing the same thing we would do for someone we do know (baking cupcakes…etc) it can open doors into relationship and provide a starting place for help.

In all, the evening was excellent, and I wish that you could hear it. Unfortunately there was a glitch with our recording system so you can’t.

What I would encourage you to do, is to find someone who went, and ask them about the evening because I’m sure they will be able to share some of the insights which they learned.

In the meantime keep on loving people and caring for them the best you can.


In Christ

Rev Michael Frost