Minister’s Message 28th July 2019

God at work in the work place.

Recently a story was shared with me by a member of our congregation. of how God used him to minister in his work place.

‘One day while walking past, another staff member said to them “I’m having a bad day, I need prayer”. Breaking down, the staff member shared that everything was going wrong.

In response he called the staff member to his desk, showing them a small piece of paper with the words ‘Even now’ printed on it. 

He explained that it was a reminder that God was watching over him even in the tough times.

The piece of paper with ‘Even Now’ on it came from a sermon preached here at Papakura East and Hunua by Abagail Füllemann about Abraham. The take home point being, that even in times where all is lost or uncertain, ‘even now’ one chooses to have trust in God.

Recently that same staff member thanked the person I mentioned above, saying that, they had printed out those very words for their desk as a reminder that God is with them also.

It’s a beautiful illustration that God can use anyone, anywhere, to remind them of His presence in their life.

In Christ

Rev Michael Frost