Minister’s Message 26th August 2018

By now you will have surely seen that we have our Church Fair coming up on the 29th September. It’s always a wonderful day of working together as a church family, meeting some of those who live around our area, and historically it has raised money to help finance various aspects of our ministry.

When considering this year’s Fair, the Elders reflected on what the money from the fair had previously gone towards. They then decided, given the reserves which we have in our Church Camp account, the money raised at this year’s Church fair should go towards something different.

After much prayer and discussion the Elders came to the decision that, given what is ahead of us with our building renovation, that the money we received should go towards that this year.

So in the build up to our Church Fair please pray that as usual it’s a day that brings us together, we connect with people in our community, and that the money that comes in is blessed by God to help us achieve the renovation we have envisioned.


In Christ

Rev Michael Frost