Minister’s Message 25th March 2018

As I was sitting in traffic on the motorway this week, I started rubber-necking at the road works. As I did, I glimpsed a section where the road was close to being finished. Because of that glimpse, all be it brief, it gave me hope that one day the traffic will flow freely, and I got a little excited.

Of course time will tell whether or not I’m being overly optimistic. However later a thought occurred to me. If I had been solely focused on the slow traffic and how irritating the slow cars around me were, I wouldn’t have seen the near completed section of road and wouldn’t have experienced the excitement of hope.

I then began to wonder if the same is true in our daily lives? When we feel life is moving too slow, or there is no end in sight to the things we are going through, do we look around and see hope, or do we remain fixated on the traffic? Consider what it is you are going through. Are you stuck in traffic irritated? 

Consider taking a look around and seeing if you can glimpse some hope. I think you might find it, and it might just spark some excitement.


In Christ

Rev Michael Frost