Minister’s Message 25th February

Easter is upon us…… and I had a little freak out this week when the Easter Camp website countdown told me it was 35 days till camp and that registrations had just opened. I took a breath, and when I took a step back for a moment I realised all was okay, and it will all come together like every year before.

It has also been an interesting week in the office. One of the events that happened this week that I was struck by, was a Brazilian girl turning up off the street. She came through our doors after losing her wallet which held her precious passport. After a minor panic it was eventually found, and we were reminded of how amazing God is. We had some great conversations with her, and found out she is a Christian and it amazed me how she knew to come to the church for help.

While events like this happen where we can trust and have faith in God, my heart feels for the members of the church who need extra assurance from our Heavenly Father this week.

This is a prayer for anyone who finds themselves in a tough time, a faith testing time. That they might be reminded of the love of our God, and the assurance from Him of eternal life and never ceasing love.

Let us remember to love one another this week, and love they neighbour as

wholeheartedly as the LORD loves us.