Minister’s Message 24th November 2019

After sharing my sermon last Sunday I couldn’t help but wonder what would it be like to stand in front of someone who held the power to let me live, or sentence me to die.

I pictured it in my head, and wondered when my life was on the line, how bold and how confident would I be?

Jesus stood there with the power to call down fire from heaven, but instead took everything that was thrown at him. Daniel, commonly known for being put in a den with lions, was there because he refused to pray to king Darius.

Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego were thrown into a furnace for their faith. How would I fare?

I hope never to be put to that test, but like anything that we take the time to think about and consider, a depth of conviction is growing in me.

If you didn’t catch my sermon last Sunday, you’ll find it on our website.

Have a look sometime, consider, and think about the messages being shared on it.


In Christ

Rev Michael Frost