Minister’s Message 24th June 2018


Last Sunday, 17th June, AVID Youth Group held the Northern Presbytery Regional Youth Service here at Papakura East.

It was an awesome night and was so encouraging to see the youth get up and lead in all aspects. The hard-working worship band put together a great song list and really stepped up to the mark – there is some hidden talent lurking around our church!

We had over 100 people turn up from all parts of Auckland, West and East, South and local.
Our theme was “
oBEdedient” – be his hands, his heart and his voice.
It was great to come together and share in supper and in worship.
There were some competitions in remembering names and also some creativeness in how we are to be God’s hands, heart and voice.

A huge thankyou to all the youth that really stepped into roles and helped the night run smoothly. It was a truly awesome and encouraging evening.


Abby Fuellemann