Minister’s Message 24th February 2019

“What will I get out of it, what’s in it for me?” is a sentiment that often drives our decisions in life.

It has us committing to some things, and rejecting others. It has us befriending some people and avoiding others. It has us orientating our world around ourselves. As much as we like to think we can overcome living that way, it’s part of our distorted human nature and so even when we approach worship, or life within a congregation “what’s in it for me?” can inform our expectations.

Living this way works fine for a person until they feel like there is nothing left in it for them. And it’s only natural then for a person to begin to wonder “why do I bother?” The response to all the questions above is of course that our worship of God is in fact that, worship. It is us coming before God, thanking, praising and honouring not only the one who created us but also the one who saved us.

Similarly, life in a congregation, we are serving God, while being together as a congregation and in serving others. Worship and being part of a congregation of believers isn’t easy. We are all different and have different needs. As followers of Jesus Christ remember that the goal of us gathering isn’t so that we get something, we’re already saved, but that we offer our praises to God and serve others as Jesus served us.


In Christ

Rev Michael Frost