Minister’s Message 22nd July 2018

For six months now we have been trailing a new type of service in Hunua called CreAte. We gather together in fellowship around a meal, hear a topical message, sing a song, and engage in some form of activity.

Hunua, though rural, is filled with people who work all over Auckland and in many cases have little to do with the local community. After traveling hours to get to work, taking children to school, and being involved with extra-circular activities, what’s left of their time is filled with working on their property.  Our hope is that by providing a meal CreAte takes the stress out of a Sunday evening and becomes a gathering point for people in Hunua, so that they can connect and find a place of belonging.

Of course as Christians we want to share about Christ and this is done through both being with people and sharing a meal, as Christ so regularly did, and sharing something of the Gospel.

During your prayer times, or when it pops into your head, please hold this exciting new ministry before God, so that people who are in need of connection and belonging, attend, feel welcomed, and God speaks to their hearts.


In Christ

Rev Michael Frost