Minister’s Message 20th October 2019

Heavens got a plan for you.
Swedish House Mafia supergroup
, have a hit song called ‘Don’t you worry child’.
The songs speaks of fatherly advice
, after the son in the song suffers from a break up,

presumably romantic. The advice the father gives is ‘Don’t you worry child heavens got a plan for you.’ Which on the surface sounds good. As Christians, we might even identify with the song. We believe in heaven, so it kind of makes sense.

However in a world where social media explodes over comments around people who don’t believe in God going to hell, we can’t assume that our Christian understanding of heaven is shared by others.

The song personifies heaven, which tells us that rather than heaven being the place where we will be with God, ‘heaven’ is viewed as a some sort of faceless entity, who has control over our lives.

However as Christians we know that God isn’t a faceless entity, God came to us as Jesus Christ. And when it comes to having a plan for us, after his death for our sins and resurrection, Jesus told his disciples his plan for them. Go and make disciples of all nations.

At a crossroad? Worried what to do next?

Jesus has a plan for you!

In Christ
Rev Michael Frost