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Ministers Message

The Building Renovation Team met again this week and worked through the first design draft from Dalman. There were a number of things which the team felt needed to be altered to fit our needs and future needs, but all in all, the team has so far been impressed with the way with which Dalman is working for us.

While I was prayerfully preparing for the meeting I was again reminded that we are undertaking a spiritual journey with the changes which we hope to make with our facility.

We aren’t just renovating a non-descript building, we are renovating our place of worship, ministry and mission. As a team we continue to keep the importance of what we are doing in front of us. And as a church I think that we need to not only keep the importance of what we are doing in front of us but keep the team before God in prayer.

They are giving up their time and energy to see this renovation through to its completion and they need God’s wisdom to make the hard choices. So please as you find yourselves in prayer hold the team before God. Michael McCreanor, Marion Gubb, Andrew Jenkin, Robyn Baber, David Matheson, Richard Archer, Rob Neems and myself.

We all need your prayer.

In Christ

Rev Michael Frost