Minister’s Message 1st September 2019

Whether someone is pro-abortion or anti-abortion, either side of the floor, comes with considerable emotional entanglements.

Though our emotions are God given and important for making a number of daily decisions, on more complicated issues like abortion, our emotions can have us latching onto misinformation if we don’t seek out well-reasoned and well-researched information.

I believe that the Family First Love Them Both-submission guide goes a long way to providing the information we need in regards to our government’s proposed changes under the Abortion Legislation Bill. You can find that information at and make a submission if you choose.

Please note; no matter how well-informed we might get on this topic, we need to lead with sensitivity and care.

We aren’t called to be tactless or uncaring, but love our neighbour as we love ourselves.


In Christ

Rev Michael Frost