Minister’s Message 18th March 2018

When my role at church moved into a full-time position in 2016, there were a few hours set aside for a chaplaincy role to begin at one of the local schools. After a few months of conversations with the organisation Lifewalk, who oversee chaplaincy, and discussions between Michael Frost, the school principal and myself, I was approved to become a chaplain.

Last week saw me begin as School Chaplain at Edmund Hillary School and the school has been very welcoming and accepting of me being there.
It was mentioned that there has become a real need for a role like this, which i have already discovered within only 2 weeks of being there. Another pair of listening ears and a friend for the students and staff.

Already I have been amazed at the resilience of the children, and their ability to tackle what is in front of them. I am learning their names and was really humbled when one of the boys turned to his teacher and said “she’s my friend Miss.” I am there to be a friend, someone to talk to and I am discovering that it will be a huge blessing to many people. Pray as this role develops and as I learn more about the Edmund Hilary school community.