Minister’s Message 17th November 2019

To the climate change deniers… ..and well everyone.

I was reading this week that there are those who are blaming climate change for the fires in New South Wales and Queensland. Also that there are those who are blaming the greenies for preventing burnt offs.

Reading both those articles I couldn’t help but think “is now when houses are being burnt down, when people are losing their livelihoods, and some have lost their lives, really the time to have those discussions?”

Sometimes when we don’t know what to do in response to something so devastating, we preoccupy ourselves with all sorts of things.

However there is something we can do which isn’t a distraction.

We can pray.

We can pray for those affected, those who have lost family and livelihoods. We can pray for the firefighters, that they might have the strength and wisdom they need to fight the fires. And pray that those who need shelter and rest will find safety and generosity with those who are able to share what they have.

Read the articles for sure, but don’t get caught up in distractions and not do anything.


In Christ

Rev Michael Frost