Minister’s Message 17th June 2018

Have you invited anyone yet?

Sometimes it’s hard to know what to say or how to even invite someone isn’t it? So I thought I’d offer you an idea which might make inviting easier. (Just a note: it’s important to not make the relationship conditional on whether or not a person takes you up on the offer to come to church.)

So a helpful way to invite someone is to say “What are you doing this Sunday? Would you like to come to church?” This means if they are busy they have an out, or if they aren’t interested in coming there is space for them to say no, hopefully without it becoming awkward.

Also an idea to make the invitation easier could be to invite the person/people around to lunch after church as well. That way if they aren’t interested in coming back they will have hopefully had an enjoyable time of fellowship.

As with the sermon I preached on Queen’s Birthday weekend, the only way the Church is going to grow is if we go out and do the inviting, like Jesus did, like that which was done for us.

So spend some time in prayer and get inviting.

In Christ

Rev Michael Frost