Minister’s Message 16th September 2018

What would happen if you invited just one person to Church and they came?

Some weeks ago I preached on the statistics of Christianity in New Zealand and its decline. I suggested that we have lost the art of inviting people to Church and that through inviting people to Church we are fulfilling God’s command to make disciples.

If though, you are struggling to get up the nerve to invite someone to one of our services, consider the special services which are coming up. On the 2nd of December we have our Sunday School Christmas Service, on the 24th of December we have our Christmas Eve Service, and on the 25th of December we have our combined service with the Wesleyan Church. If there is someone that you think you might like to invite to these services, they could be easy ones to get them along to.

Commit to prayer about inviting one person over the next twelve months and let’s see what will happen if they come!

In Christ

Rev Michael Frost