Minister’s Message 15th September 2019

This week I found myself sitting in a spot overlooking a park with some beautiful spring flowers in it. There were two beds of these flowers running along either side of a foot path and they were bright oranges, yellows, reds and more.

As I sat and admired the flowers, I noticed a number of people walking along the path. They were going about their day, some chatting to each other, some seemingly on their way to their next engagement. Yet not one stopped to admire the beautiful flowers.

It has to be said that I was only watching for about 30 minutes, however as I did a thought popped into my head about our interactions with other people. How many beautiful children of God do we obliviously walk past? Just to be clear, external beauty is not what I’m getting at here. Rather, how we can be so busy going about our business that we miss connecting and interacting with people God wants us to notice.

So with spring upon us, stop and take some time to notice the beautiful flowers which are popping up everywhere, and don’t forget to do the same for God’s people as well.


In Christ

Rev Michael Frost