Minister’s Message 15th April

The Building Renovation Team

Next Sunday (22nd) the team will be presenting what we have come up with. What you have seen on paper is the culmination of many hours of work. At the start, a group of people from Managers willingly put themselves forward to tackle the project, then formulated a way forward, having been handed the vision from Elders.

 Since then there have been visits to churches, discussions with project teams, plan upon plan reviewed, design upon design argued over, and a number redrawn.  Most importantly though, throughout the whole project the team have sought God’s wisdom and guidance.

 They have looked at our facility not just as a  building but the place which we gather in worship, serve in ministry and mission, and are sent forth into the world. Yes we will be removing walls, opening up spaces, and fixing parts of our building, but our goal is to do so honouring our Lord God, so that he is glorified and that many years from now people will continue to be worshiping God in this place.


So if you haven’t looked at the plans and want to, please do. If you aren’t particularly interested, would you consider praying that during the upheaval of this renovation that we continue to be a people focused on serving our saviour in the every day.

 Thank you for being part of this congregation.

May God continue to bless you


In Christ

Rev Michael Frost