Minister’s Message 14th July 2019

An update on the crash damage:

As most are aware, on Boxing Day last year a car crashed through our fence and into our building, causing significant damage. Thanks to some wonderful people in our congregation, we were able to replace the damaged fence and reopen the playground. Again thank you!

Though it feels like it’s been a drawn out process, we have now been offered a pay-out for the damaged area and Managers have chosen to take the pay-out. This decision was made based on the fact that with the up coming renovation, that area will be significantly changed. Which means that there was no point putting it back to the way it was. Thank you Ian Purdy for dealing with our Insurance Company.

Coupled with this, Michael Füllemann has kindly offered to secure and make that area safe in preparation for the renovation. This will be happening in the coming weeks. Also I want to mention that Felicity Avua’a has been championing a review of the safety of our intersection. Soon I’ll be meeting with the team on our site to look at possible solutions which will prevent it from happening again. Thank you Felicity.

All in all, the above means that we will get an increase to our building fund, the building will be made safe, and hopefully there will be a solution to prevent cars damaging our building again.

Thank you everyone for your patience, for those who have had to work around the damage, and those who have worked to get where we are now.

In Christ

Rev Michael Frost