Minister’s Message 13th October 2019

Connectivity error?

In news media recently there was a sad article about a young student passing away in a student hostel, and not being found for a number of weeks. Even sadder than that, this isn’t the first story I’ve read this year, where someone living near others has been found dead, a significant length of time after they passed away.

I know first-hand that it’s not always easy to get on with neighbours and yet Jesus call’s us to love our neighbours as ourselves. Loving your neighbour is more than just knowing your neighbour’s name, it’s stepping in when they need help.

So first off…..

Do you know your neighbours?

Do they know you?

Why not take a moment once a week to have a chat to your neighbour and see if there is anything neighbourly that you could do for them or ask them to help you with something.

It’s amazing how well you can get to know your neighbours while working together.


In Christ


Rev Michael Frost