Minister’s Message 13th May 2018

The 7 points from last week’s message on how to lay your life down.

1. Be Vulnerable

Being vulnerable and letting people in creates connection and bonds that are not easily broken. That doesn’t happen over Instagram or Snapchat. It happens through face to face interaction.

2. Self care

To lay your life down you must have something to give. Jesus retreated to gain strength through prayer and being with God. We too need to do the same.

3. Give your time

To everyday people and outcasts, Jesus gave his time freely. And many left from being in his presence filled with joy and singing glory to God. Giving our time is an easy thing we can do and being present is the biggest gift we can give.

4. Be less sensitive

It seems that we live in a super sensitive generation, people react at the drop of a hat to things in the media or someone having a different opinion to theirs. By withholding a strong reaction to someone else’s opinion there is an opportunity to speak into the situation in a different way.

5. Know when you are not loving a person

Relationships take work and it’s important to put the work into the right areas. It’s easy to think that we are doing the right thing for someone but we can only know that we are, when we are communicating with them.

6. Inspire Greatness in Your Friends

Do you see the possibilities in your family and friend’s lives and push them towards them? Do you have a family member or friend which you could inspire greatness in?

7. Share what’s Most Important

As Christian, the greatest thing that has ever happened in our lives and has brought the greatest joy is having a relationship with Jesus Christ. Each of us can share what Jesus has done in our lives with our family, friends and people we meet. Love one another Jesus commanded, but don’t do like it’s a chore or because you feel forced. Love one another because Jesus loved you first.