Minister’s Message 12th August 2018

I was walking down Willis road last week when I heard beautiful noises in my ear. I turned and looking up I saw a Tui dancing on the branches of a tree in full blossom. I stood there and marvelled at the Tui’s beauty and just watched it dance and sing as it enjoyed the nectar it was consuming. It was a beautiful sight, both the Tui dancing, and the tree in full blossom. To me it felt like winter has been dreary, and seeing the blossom reminded me that spring is coming soon.

To everything there is a season, and I always find myself thankful that the winter season is over. What happens in nature can be true in our lives. There are seasons of dreariness and seasons of great joy. Life isn’t always an easy journey but as we live it, it’s good to keep your ears and eyes open to the things that remind you of the good to come.

Perhaps as you’re going through the rhythms of life, listen and look for the signs of the good things ahead and let them lift you and give you energy for the days ahead. Consider saying this prayer:

“God let my ears and eyes see something of the joy to come, so that I am strengthened and excited about tomorrow”

In Christ

Rev Michael Frost