Minister’s Message 11 March 2018

For our church there has been a lot going on over the past few weeks. Some will also know that this week with sadness and celebration we fare-welled Sharleen Lewis. We are sad that we no longer have her among us and can’t share in her life, yet we celebrated not only a wonderful life but a life which is now at peace with Christ in heaven. When you pray this week, remember her family and pray that they might find comfort in God.

 Other things which have been happening are the World Day of Prayer, the Church Picnic and the Baptisms last Sunday. All of which were wonderful events in our Church calendar. These events brought us together in prayer, fellowship and celebration.

As you will be well aware the most pivotal moment in the Christian calendar is coming. Have you been thinking about the gravity of what is to come and what it means for you? Have you been observed Lent this year? How has that impacted the journey to Easter?

Consider these questions in the coming weeks, write down your answers and share them with a fellow believer to encourage them in their faith.


In Christ

Rev Michael Frost