Minister’s Message 10th November 2019

I dislike cyclists ….. and yet I’ve recently become one!

Due to an unrelated injury, which occurred while I was a young adult, I’ve recently given up running and taken up cycling. It’s refreshing and enjoyable to be out there riding, but at the same time comes with an extreme sense of vulnerability. I know who’s coming off worse in an accident with a vehicle!

With the days getting longer and the weather getting warmer, we going to see more people on our roads both riding bikes and in vehicles. I’d love to say be patient with them, and maybe you should, but being a bit of an impatient man myself, it feels somewhat hypocritical of me. However what I will say is, consider praying for the safety of those who travel on the roads near you.

Pray, “God keep those who travel this stretch of road near me safe. Remind them to pause and rest when they need it, or prompt slower road users to pull to the side and let others pass safely. And God remind us do likewise. Amen”


Rev Michael Frost