Minister’s Message 10th march 2019

In the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa (PCANZ) there are many systems in place to make sure that its churches function in good order.

One of those systems is that Minsters are regularly reviewed, similar in a number of ways to how staff members are reviewed in corporate settings.

Having gone through that review process last year I’m pleased to report that I have received my Certificate of Good Standing from the PCANZ, meaning that the review went well.

That aside, Lent, crept up on me this year and I haven’t encouraged people to consider giving something up for the 40 days leading up to Easter. Even though the 40 days have started, consider if there is something which you could give up, and reflect on God each time you think about it.

I’ve found it a wonderful reflective time in the lead up to Easter.



Rev Michael Frost