Minister’s Message 10th June 2018

Last Sunday I preached that we have lost the art of both inviting people into conversations about Christianity, and inviting people to Church, and that this is what Jesus specifically called us to do in the Great Commission found in Matthew 28: 16 – 20.

When Jesus invited people to follow him, more often than not, it was just an individual and at most, it was two, as it was with Peter and Andrew, and James and John, who were brothers.  Also because Jesus was inviting individuals His invitation was personal and meant that He was inviting those people into relationship with him.

My point is this, when thinking about inviting people, don’t think about how you can invite 99, think about the 1 you can invite and make it personal. Spend some time in the coming weeks praying about invitation and let God speak to you about who it is that you will invite.


In Christ

Rev Michael Frost