This poem was written by one sister for her sister. Her sister’s life is being assaulted by cancer as she is confronted with the love-of-her-life fighting a brain tumour. If you have journeyed with someone with cancer; you will recognise the truth of this poem. If you haven’t – this poem will prepare you.


Her emotions are like the whitewash of the ocean
On an incoming tide,
Confused, overwhelmed, raging
In its turmoil

Deceptively still on the outside like a windless day,
The ocean’s surface flat and still
The rip that lies beneath, vengeful in its grip
Pulls the innocent under

She tries to scream out, to force her way to the surface
To gulp in the air that gives life
It laughs in her face like water rushing over a bubbling brook
There is no rhyme or reason in its selection

Only the truth of its outcome
To destroy, to wipe-out, to bring devastation
Like an earthquake shakes a city’s foundation
It shakes the core of human faith

Descending into darkness she opens her eyes and looks up
The golden rays of sun filter through
Like a pyramid reflecting light off its surface
A rainbow of colour falls upon her face

She’s let go, ceases to struggle, surrenders to her Master and Creator
She prays and asks for peace, faith, hope
Comfort and eternal life
For there is no understanding.