Spring in Lockdown 5th Sept 2021

Spring seems to have sprung, and it couldn’t have come at a better time.

Seeing and feeling the sun really does lift the spirits, doesn’t it, and the sunrises have just been glorious!

It’s certainly not the spring I was hoping for, but it is beautiful none the less and I pray that you are making the most if it.

That might seem like a funny thing to say, because we need to stay at home, but around our homes, mostly outside I assume, signs of the change of season are showing their beautiful faces. Flowers are popping up everywhere, the buzz of bees is starting to fill the air and birds are doing their spring dance.

If you aren’t seeing much of this then I suggest you go for a walk, it’s good for both your mental and physical health seeing that the world is still there and getting the circulation going, but it’s also good for your spiritual health, seeing God’s creation getting into full swing and the promise of summer on the way.

What’s more, given the lack of air traffic and the reduced road traffic, I wonder if we are being given an opportunity to experience spring in a way which perhaps hasn’t happened for some years.

I love God’s creation and the whole creation story, but I think that perhaps I love the fifth and sixth days the most.

I pray that you experience something of the joy of this spring and may God’s blessing rest on you anew.


Rev Michael Frost