when   we   worship

In 2008, as a congregation, we sought God as to how we were to best worship Him in our Sunday services. We recalled the times since this church’s first services (in 1958) of the times when we especially encountered God and how He has formed His people in this place. We focussed on the times of Light in our worshipping history. By remembering His grace and truth in our worshipping life we were now placed to imagine the future. This statement is the outcome. Each Sunday we focus on one aspect of this and organise our worship around it believing this is the kind of worshipping community God has invited us to become:

Prophetic Promise


Sunday mornings are when we, the people of Papakura East Presbyterian Church, gather in devotion to Christ. We meet to worship the Trinity and eagerly and reverently respond to the revelation and mystery of God.

Our faith is transformed!


We are in awe of His magnificence and humbled by His presence experienced by the Spirit of Christ.

Our hearts are overawed!


Through the Story of God, we are challenged to pray for the miraculous and we wrestle with God in our belief and unbelief. We know He can do immeasurably more than all we can ask or imagine and in this He is glorified.

Our lives are never the same again!


We are inspired by the heroes and heroines of faith in scripture, in the church through the ages and those who have worshipped in this church before us. We give thanks to God for their example and we are serious about leaving such a legacy for future generations.

Our service for Christ is heroic!


When we meet to worship it’s as if it is that very first Easter Sunday. Our vision of the Resurrected Christ is illuminated; we hear Him call us by name; we present ourselves to Him in our doubt, joy, bewilderment, fear and amazement; we worship Him as He is – “My Lord and My God”.

Once again we experience the Breath of Life and know the wonder of restoration and being commissioned, the stilling sense of peace and recognising Christ through the breaking of bread. Once again we know the dignity of being created in the Image of God and bringing Him glory by being fully alive. Once again we are orientated to the Kingdom breaking into the world.

Our humanity is healed!


When we worship our heart’s cry is “Speak, Lord, for Your servant is listening” and “Here am I, the servant of the Lord; let it be with me according to Your Word.” Our experience of worship is akin to that walk on the Road to Emmaus; the clay in the Potter’s hand; and defying busyness to sit at the feet of Jesus to listen. We understand that Biblically, “Word” means “spoken and action” – it is one and the same.

Our presence in this world is dynamic and Christlike!


We worship with a spirit of invitation so that all may participate. We are energised by exploring our worship and faith by means which ensure it is memorable and meaningful. We enjoy the use of symbols and love it when people offer their gifts and abilities in worship.

Our encouragement of each other is lifegiving!


The elements of our worship services are carefully considered and prepared so that people can connect with God and each other authentically. We actively search for means of worship so that people are empowered with scriptural words and voice to make sense of life. Our music and songs reflect the best of our thought to ensure we honour the nature and work of the Triune God. We respond to the love of God by embracing the scriptural call to unity, love for one another, compassion and humility.

Our gift to each other, the nation and the world is maturity in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ!