mission   action   planning

In 2004 we transformed the way we made decisions and managed our resources by initiating Mission Action Planning (MAP). MAP is the way we endeavour to fulfil our vision. MAP is unique to our church, however it does draw heavily on Mission Action Budgeting which was developed by the Uniting Church (Australia) and Natural Church Development (NCD) which was developed in Germany.

The key discipline of MAP is to first seek the answer to the question “What is God calling us to?” and only then to consider what we need to fulfil that call. We identify prayer, time, people and money as the key components in resourcing our response.

Every 5 or so years we engage in a congregational exercise of discerning what God is saying to us as a church and we choose 1 or 2 priority mission areas from the following 8. The following 8 mission areas summarise the ways we believe God is calling us to fulfil our vision of embodying and exercising the grace and truth of Jesus Christ.

1. Leadership Development

This area involves developing our leadership so that they are better equipped to serve and empower others.

2. Discipleship & Ministry Growth

This area concerns equipping people to serve the Kingdom of God, and then giving them opportunity to do so.

3. Prayer & Spiritual Growth

This area helps people develop their individual and corporate spiritual life, particularly as it pertains to prayer.

4. Resourcing

This area ensures that our structures, systems and resources actually aid mission.

5. Worship services

This area embraces all our worship services, ensuring that our people can worship in spirit and truth.

6. Small groups

This area attends to what has been described as “the life-blood of the church” – small groups that meet to grow in the knowledge of Jesus Christ.

7. Community & Global Outreach

This area focuses on how we take the gospel to the community. Its particular flavour is that it seeks to meet a need.

8. Fellowship

This area facilitates the church’s relationships – the “one another’s” of scripture. Caring for one another, being with one another…