• Good News for the Rich 14.Oct.18

    by Rev. Michael Frost more

  • Mark10:1-9 07.Oct.18

    by Rev. Michael Frost more

  • Mark 9 :38-50 30.Sep.18

    by Rev.Michael Frost more

  • James 3:1-12 16.Sep.18

    by Rev. Michael Frost more

  • Deaf and Mute 09.Sep.18

    by Abby Fuellemann - Mark 7:31-37 more

  • The heart of the problem 02.Sep.18

    by Rev. Michael Frost more

  • The Mysteries of Life 26.Aug.18

    by The Mysteries of Life more

  • Beware of the Yeast of the Sadducees and Pharisees 19.Aug.18

    by Rev. Michael Frost more

  • The Most Important Commandment 12.Aug.18

    by Enosa Auva'a more

  • The bread of Life 05.Aug.18

    Rev. Michael Frost by The bread of Life more

  • More than the bare minimum 29.Jul.18

    by Susanna Denby more

  • The Sabbath Day 22.Jul.18

    by David Kenyon more

  • Mark 6:14-29 15.Jul.18

    Rev. Michael Frost by Mark 6:14-29 more

  • How will you show compassion? 01.Jul.18

    by Rev.Michael Frost - Mark 5:21-43 more

  • Why are you stlll afraid? 24.Jun.18

    by Abby Fuellemann - Mark 4:35-41 more

  • The Sowing of the Kingdom 17.Jun.18

    by Michael Frost - Mark 4:26-34 more

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