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    Minister's Message 25th August 2019

    Minister's Message 25th August 2019

    During the previous week I have been away on holiday.
    It was a refreshing time to be able to rest and get some sun and warmth from the glorious setting of Port Douglas in Australia.
    A bucket list item of mine has always been to swim and snorkel on the Great Barrier Reef, one of the wonders of the world. During this holiday I was lucky enough to be able to tick this off the list. 

    It was an amazing experience even though it was tainted with crazy seasickness from the rough waters on the boat ride out.

    As I marvelled at the colour of the reef, the sharks and turtles and nemo fish swimming around, I found myself reflecting how indescribable it is that our heavenly Father created this incredible wonder of the world. That the

    creator of this wonder is the creator of each of us, who are unique and loved by our God. That even on a day where I don’t remember much due to the seasickness, I can remember the glory of God’s creation.

    As winter seems to drag on, and spring is trying to make its appearance known, we can find ourselves sometimes stuck in the dreariness of the rain and wind.

    However find encouragement. Encouragement that the creator of the earth who has given daffodils their bloom and cherry trees their blossoms, created each of us with uniqueness and beauty.

    Find someone and remind them of their beauty and the love that has been gifted to them.
    We are a wonder of God, his children.



    Abby Füllemann