Ministers Message

We are entering the 'silly season'!
The weather is warming and venturing outside seems more appealing and yet Christmas looms off in the distance.
By loom I mean that Christmas becomes a target for many people. “If I can just make it to Christmas, I will be fine” we say don’t we.
We feel this way all because we get silly-busy in the lead up to Christmas.
Work has to be completed, presents have to be brought, travel plans have to be thought through, properties need maintaining, gardens need tending, job after job has to be done! 
All like there isn’t going to be another day after Christmas. 
As we enter into this silly season, stop and remind yourself of who it is you live for and that God loves you and cares for you.
It may help you to remember the first sentence of Psalm 46:10 which says “Be still and know that I am God”
Say those words out loud, sing them, pray them, live into them.
“Be still and know that I am God” Says the Lord.
In Christ
Rev Michael Frost